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Rules of Relaxin' Funkeys: The Forum Empty Rules of Relaxin' Funkeys: The Forum

Post  Scratch on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:49 pm

Welcome to the forum. This is the rules page. Only the Admins can reply and add posts here. But anyone can read this. HERE ARE THE RULES:

No cursing here. If you do, it will say (removed by admin). Just like the main UB Funkeys forum, (removed by admin) will be there if you say something bad. (the removed by admin sign was not used for bad words. it was an example)

The forum is G rated. Which means it is for all ages.

This is a Moderated forum (i guess). So your posts will not be posted on the forum yet.

There are jobs here. There is a FAQ helper, and a Singiture Moniter, and a Mod. If your a mod, you have to be 10+ years old to be one. If your an FAQ Helper, you have to know about Funkeys Support, and you need to know about computers. And Singature Moniter is.... You might find out.

There is more rules, too. Anyways, do NOT tell phone numbers, ages, etc. ALSO, IF I GIVE YOU THE PASSWORD, DO NOT HACK!

Enjoy the forum! Smile

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